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Cost effective

It is easy to manage the cost price of a plate by using FIFO bottles to measure portions of our KRÉMEUX.

Coulis or sauces

For smooth coulis’ and sauces; thin your Krémeux with your choice of veal or poultry stock, oil, wine, cream or another product as long as you respect the 75% Krémeux to your select ingredient ratio. Perfect consistency every time.


For delicious vinaigrettes, lengthen the KRÉMEUX of your choice with an oil, water juice or whatever your heart desires, respecting the proportion 33% - 66%. You will get a flawless composition.


For sublime effects, decorate your plates or jazz up your sandwiches with a KRÉMEUX sauce of your choice. The bread will remain crisp and will not lose its form, even when heated or frozen since the water molecules of our KRÉMEUX remain intact. An innovative feature for 100% results.

Optimize your pantry

Our KRÉMEUX are pathogen free and have the incredible characteristic of a 500 day shelf life at room temperature. Excellent for optimizing the management of refrigerated products. Liberate the fridge!