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A product anticipated by chefs

Our KRÉMEUX is in a whole other category long awaited by the chefs and their brigade. Nowhere in the world can chefs rely on a culinary foam that is as impressive and reliable as KRÉMEUX, an innovative Quebec product.

Richard Charpentier, an authentic magician of flavors and a confirmed gastronomy enthusiast, is tirelessly looking for innovations. A few years ago, the founder of Aliments CHARPENTIER began with his usual passion, the development of the perfect culinary foam. Research, patience, rigor and perseverance have become associated with conviction, passion, imagination and creativity.

Our KRÉMEUX, in a range of 22 flavors – salty and sweet, the brainchild, with the interests of great chefs and restaurant specialists in mind.

End to the flavor of the Month

So far, no similar product has reached the finesse of KRÉMEUX flavors. The taste of each, salty or sweet, is scrupulously faithful to the flavor with which it is named. The finest palates can attest to this. The exquisite quality of KRÉMEUX and their perfectly natural components help to enhance the taste of many dishes. They are equally up to the most sophisticated dishes, as well as accompany those of the every day.

Used as is, in a sauce, coulis, vinaigrette or as a beautiful way to decorate your plates.

Our KRÉMEUX is an essential basic ingredient in the chefs kitchen.
No after taste, no gluten, no lactose….no limits.


Perfectly cohesive

No product on the market compares with our KRÉMEUX for texture, smoothness and emulsifying. In all conditions, from hot to cold, from raw to cooked, they retain their incredible properties in all it’s entirety.

They do not collapse, do not liquefy under heat, nor harden or crystallize in cold, because the water molecules in our KRÉMEUX have the fascinating property of not separating.

Modern day techniques

Our KRÉMEUX are suitable for the most modern techniques, especially for use with an immersion blender. It is an ideal product for your large volume machines as it does not block the machinery or hinder the function of your equipment unlike some products on the market.

Our KRÉMEUX are ready to play! As simple as using the back of a spoon, a scraper, a cream dispenser, a pastry bag, a siphon, a brush, or any instrument of your choice. Practical implications, our Krémeux can easily be measured with Fifo bottles, which is ideal for the effective control of the cost price of a plate.


Phenomenal shelf life

Free from any pathogen, our KRÉMEUX have a surprising life span. They can be stored up to 500 days at room temperature. This helps to facilitate the management of the refrigerated inventory. This characteristic amazes the experts that the KRÉMEUX components are entirely natural. The secret is in the sauce!

ALIMENTS CHARPENTIER is in the process of acquiring their HACCP certification which attests its control of the critical points of food safety and analysis of the potential dangers.

The food safety control of production sites, equipment and products are subject to rules of the provincial government.