How are the KREMEUX so exceptional? First our KREMEUX are absolutely delicious. Each of the flavors seduces the finest palates. They retain their original properties, texture and smoothness, even from the freezer or oven, or used in raw or cooked dishes. They are gluten free, lactose-free … and pathogen-free; they can be stored for up to 500 days at room temperature *, an undeniable asset in the management of refrigerated products from a restaurant, a food chain or an institution.


Our KREMEUX: easy to use and practical

Cooks and chefs are responsible for the efficient management of their kitchen. The KREMEUX undoubtedly improves the speed of execution of your staff. In addition, they are easily measured using FIFO bottles. It is therefore possible to respect the portions calculated to establish the cost price of a plate. A significant kitchen management tool. They are easy to use with the tools that any cook has on hand: cream dispenser, siphon, spoon, pastry bag, brush, comb, “Creazy Shaker” or any other instrument of the chef’s choice. Our KREMEUX are practical everyday in the kitchen or in the food chain.

For example, they are well suited for mass use in automated filling machines. They do not block the mechanisms or interfere with the operation of the equipment. So far, similar products have caused these kinds of problems. Our KREMEUX are also suitable for new innovations, especially immersion blenders. Our KREMEUX according to your imagination Feel free to make your own experiments with the range of KREMEUX, from salty to sweet. They really facilitate operations in a kitchen without any compromise on taste, texture and creaminess. Their exceptional bonding properties make a big difference. They are definitely worth an honest try. Remember that they are not restrictive. On the contrary, they offer a great opportunity to make the imagination of the chefs come true!

*ALIMENTS CHARPENTIER is in the process of acquiring their HACCP certification which attests its control of the critical points of food safety and analysis of the potential dangers. The food safety control of production sites, equipment and products are subject to rules of the provincial government.