What if these new discoveries became classics in the chefs’ kitchen? Aliments CHARPENTIER has just launched its range of Krémeux, a culinary foam that is unique in the world, multi-functional and quite frankly amazing! Available in 11 salty and 11 sweet flavors, our Krémeux impresses the chefs who have had the pleasure of it’s creaminess, flawless taste and incomparable binding properties. They are ideal for making sauces, coulis’, vinaigrettes or to garnish a dish.

Our Krémeux; 100% Quebecois

This purely Quebecois product was imagined and concocted by Richard Charpentier, the president of Aliments CHARPENTIER who already made his mark with local chefs with his micro-sprouts and his fine mustards made from certified organic seeds. Each flavor of Krémeux requires an incredible meticulousness to reproduce a specific taste and to stabilize the smooth binding properties of this culinary foam. “As the saying goes, I went back to the drawing board more than a 100 times. I am the definition of stubborn. I sought, dug, experimented, tasted each again and again as well as made others taste them, before arriving at a result I’m really proud of”, says Richard Charpentier.

Simplicity and Creativity

The ultimate goal was to create a high performing, high-quality culinary foam that would simplify the lives of everyday chefs and bring something new to the kitchen. According to renowned chefs who have experimented with our Krémeux, all have exclaimed “it’s unheard of! “. Yet such a culinary foam was anticipated by the chefs. The Krémeux a proven reliable and delicious base, lactose free, gluten free … and sets you free. Far from undermining the creativity of chefs, they can serve modestly as a basic ingredient and act as a binding agent of formidable efficiency for sauces, coulis’, and vinaigrettes. The Krémeux, used as is, unleashes class and good taste while enhancing the flavors of all dishes.

Have fun imagining amazing creations of flavors using the Krémeux of your choice!